paid advertising solutions


Are you paying a boatload for Google AdWords, but have no idea if they are working? Has anyone tracked your AdWords Campaign since it was initially set up? Are you running Facebook Ads but not seeing much result?

I can help with all of that. Paid Advertising is today’s Direct Marketing and one of the best ways to reach your target audience. It has to be done right, however. Most “fix it and forget it” efforts yield high cost and low return advertising.

I have an analytical mind and enjoy tracking online advertising efforts. I review and analyze data then provide monthly reports for how everything is performing. I then work with clients to tweak and change their advertising efforts, working to maximize their return on investment.

Traditional Advertising

Yes, print ads still work. As do direct mail campaigns. And nothing beats the face to face of personal relationships.

I can help you identify which publications are the best to advertise in based on budget and target audience. I can help create mailing lists and flyers for direct mail campaigns. Finally, I can help identify industry conferences and conventions that would be a good place for you and your company to have a presence to meet and greet existing customers or target new ones.

Social Media Marketing

Do you hate social media? Do you want as little to do with it as possible? But deep down you know you need to be there to survive?

Believe me, I get it. It’s not my favorite place to be, either. With so many options out there, and new ones emerging every day, it’s hard to know which of the social media sites are best for your business, much less what to say on them once you get there.

I can help you navigate these muddy waters and get you a social media presence that makes sense for you and your business.